• two.


    As of this month, I have two toddlers. My actual child turned two in September, but my “baby”, my company, H. & Clark is two this month. Two is a tricky age, for humans and for businesses. They both have a personality, have just started to come into their own, and they’re both set in their ways just enough to make changes difficult. They both throw tantrums, though lucky for me, only one hits (which we’re working on!). Nurturing a child and a business both take daily effort, support from your tribe, and boatloads of patience (which we’re also working on). Both hit milestones: using the potty, hitting 1,000 followers (equally as important in our house). And both bring me constant pride, joy, and a reason to want to move forward, on the regular.

    Two years in to H. & Clark and we’re still here. Growing, maybe even thriving a little… It’s a definite learning curve, even this far in, and part of me still thinks I don’t know what I’m doing. But I think the sense of unknown is a positive. It helps drive me in raising my kid and my business. I remember being pregnant, and feeling like this was the one time my Type A personality took a back seat. There was only so much I could control, and whatever happened, happened. Yes, it was my responsibility to be healthy and take care of myself, to instill what I believe in my future child, but I truly felt like it was out of my hands, and I had to go with the flow… I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, but knew that it may not go according to my plan, and I was oddly at peace with that. If cloth diapers didn’t work, (they didn’t) we’d find an alternative. If he had a hard time sleeping in his crib, (thankfully he didn’t) we’d find an alternative. Women have babies and raised children everyday, but it was my first time, so I would just let it be. It may not have gone 100% the way we’d imagined at the start, but we’re all still here, we’re all very much alive. 

    I felt the same way with starting H. & Clark. I knew what I wanted it to be, I knew what I could do to shape it, but for some reason, I felt from the beginning that it would end up taking on somewhat a mind of it’s own. And it did. We started with an idea, created a logo, had a starting point, and launched. If our tote didn’t sell, (it did) we’d rework it. If our photos weren’t the aesthetic we wanted, (they weren’t) we’d change them. We leapt, without much of a net, hoped it would turn out the way we wanted, and here we are, two years later, with a new logo, and a simplified website, but that original idea, that seed in my heart is still very much alive. 



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