• On Mothering & Working

    Growing up, my mom always worked. She ran a non profit in a local school district. She worked from home mostly, but spent a lot of time actually in the schools, or her tiny closet-sized office at the county health department. She was always there when we left for school, returned from school, and never missed an event. Nevertheless, she worked her butt off everyday, and if you asked her today, I bet she would be as proud of her work accomplishments as she is of her two (perfect, of course) daughters. 
    I found out I was pregnant literally within 2 weeks of designing H. & Clark's first prototype. Along with growing a business, I was now also growing a human. Those first few months were rough. Morning sickness is a mother... And couple that with learning the ins and outs of business-building, it was a doozy. When we moved to Nashville and Holden was born, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would keep working and growing my business and my child. Believe me, two-ish years in, it hasn't always been an easy road... Conference calls were tough with a screaming baby, and hour-long car rides to our leather factory with a potty training toddler can be a crap shoot, literally (hah). But when I go to bed at night, exhausted from the day, I feel accomplished. Proud that my son is growing and thriving, and proud that my business is moving steadily upward. 
    Along with having my mom as an amazing role model, I'm lucky to surround myself with some amazingly strong mom bosses on the regular. Maybe it's not luck though, strong women tend to stick with other strong women. Though it's not always easy, we make it work, powering through rushed meetings in coffee shops, and circling parking lots for car naps and conference calls. We're nurturing our kids and our careers, and it's comforting to know that we're not alone.
    Here's a few of my favorite boss ladies, and their feelings on mothering and working.
    Nicole Delger, Marketing Exec. Mom of June & Roxy
    "I'm wired for work, and I’m wired to be a mom. It can pull at your heart a little sometimes, but I think women are changing the world for the better. I’m proud to show my girls that you can find ways to fulfill the desire to have children without having to completely let go of the life you had before they came along."
    Lena Blackstock, Design Strategist. Mom of Isla & Eames
    "Sometimes I go to work and I miss them so much it hurts my heart. But then my husband sends me pictures and I feel incredibly happy and thankful and excited. This is the beautiful every-day dilemma of being a parent - the constant push and pull between indescribable happiness & fullness and the constant worry & sadness for missing a moment in their lives. The push and pull between wanting to hold them forever and wanting nothing more than for them to grow into strong, curious and independent humans. Le sigh."
    Jenny Luckett, Owner, January Moon. Mom to Shepard & Baby #2 due soon!
    "I love the flexibility of running my own business while raising my son Shepard and soon to be born daughter. I get to spend quality time with Shep and when it’s time to buckle down, I really value and maximize my dedicated work time."
    Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there... Working away from home, working from home, or just working it, on the regular. 

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