• Local Spring Faves

    Ah Spring. The flowers are blooming. The weather is warming. The pastels (which, full disclosure, I look terrible in) are emerging. I love spring in Nashville, minus the pollen, of course.
    It's coming, I can feel it. Once it was evident that a snow-pocalypse was not going to happen, the weather gods began to grace us with signs. Daffodils in February? Yes please. 65 degree weekends? Even better. I'm ready for it, Claritin in hand, and some of my favorite Nashville locals are prepped and ready for the change of season also.

    Jamie + The Jones

    Gimme all the colors. Seriously. Wearable art is a thing, y'all, and J+J is a prime example. Their silk basics are all day, everyday staples that come in the most beautiful shades. Mist! Sand! Blush! Perfect spring names for perfect spring shades. Oh. And the marble. Don't even get me started. 


    Because what says "Spring" more than plants? All. The. Plants. Flora started as a mobile plant shop, and is now opening their own brick and mortar on the East Side. I seriously can't wait. Not only do these ladies know their greenery, they're the sweetest, kindest gals around. Plus, they totes don't judge every time I've emailed them crying about (another) plant I've killed. 

    What's better than a spring manicure? Seriously, I've been painting my ragged nails in the springiest of colors for weeks now, willing the season to change ASAP. What I need to do is take said ragged nails to Poppy & Monroe for one of these pretty mani's. As Nashville's first natural nail salon, Poppy & Monroe feels that if you're going to treat yourself, you should treat yourself well. Plus, those colors, y'all. All the heart eye emojis. And the spring emojis, of course. 

    Inner light Yoga

    Spring Clean your soul at their brand new studio in 12 South. I don't now about you, but my soul could definitely use some cleansing this time of year. Work the winter out of my bones and center my brain and body. They're Nashville's first music-based yoga studio, and I can't wait to check out their Luminous class and, as they say "chill the F out".

    Spring. It's coming, I'm excited, can you tell?! 




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