• Because We Love You.

    If you follow us on Instagram (you should) and Facebook (you should), you'll know that we're offering free shipping for the month of February (use the code LOVE17 at checkout), and have lowered our regular shipping costs. Why? Because we love you.

    You, dear readers/followers/supporters, are the reason we do what we do, the reason we're still here! So, we thank you in the best way we know how... With saving you money. And conveniently, right before Valentines Day. Here's where I would usually say "You're Welcome", but really, truly, I should say "Thank You!" Thank you for getting us to the point that we're at, where we are able to return the favor.

    If we could, we'd send each and every one of you you're very own Valentine's Day card. My family is big on cards. It's not unusual to open the mailbox on any given holiday and find multiple cards addressed to the same person: Two anniversary cards from my parents, one funny, one serious. A highly inappropriate birthday card from my sister, followed by a hand drawn, sweet, sappy one. A few years ago I got not one, but two, Hanukkah cards from my parents dogs. And at my baby shower, guests filled out 18 years of birthday cards for my then-unborn baby. Valentine's Day is the greeting card Mecca. There are SO many good ones out there these days... Funny, sweet, hilarious, inappropriate. Everywhere you turn. So, in honor of my family obsession with cards, here's a few of our favorite VDay cards, paired with some of our H. & Clark goods. 

    For your BFF who complains that she's dated everyone on Tinder in a 50 mile radius. This Card. The Clutch.

    For your husband who never shops for himself and wraps his credit cards in his headphones. This Card. The Card Case.

    For your little sister who drives you nuts but is the best damn aunt in the world. This Card. The Holden Tote.

    For your mom who likes to leave her giant mom-bag in the car but can never find her keys/cards/phone/etc. This Card. The Fold Over.

    Happy February, y'all. We love you!




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