• rainy day vibes

    I never knew there was a name for someone who felt that way about rainy days... But it's me to a tee. When we lived in California, rainy days were few and far between... A welcome cool burst, breaking up the year-round sunshine, and momentarily turning the sky blue and the ground green.

    Since moving to Nashville, I've learned to expect rainy days, even if the report says not to. Rain here doesn't mean cold weather, or cancelled plans. It means warm, wet air, sopping sandals, and pulling out the stroller cover for your walk in the park. (Unless there's lightening, then I'm in the house, watching the storm through our front window.)

    Today has been a drizzly Monday. After early trips to the library and Target, we retreated to the coziness of the house. Some of us napped (babe & pup). One of us worked (that would be me. And we all enjoyed the sound of the rain and the occasional clap of thunder. 

    Though it happens more often than not during Tennessee spring, I've learned to not take these rainy days for granted, to appreciate the work they do, the green-ness they create and sustain, and the sense of peace and clarity they produce. So, revel in the cleansing rain, and let it help you start you week with a positive, renewed energy.

    Happy (rainy) Monday, Y'all.



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