• Here we are.

    It’s a funny thing, when you finally see one of your visions turning into reality. When an idea that you thought up and dreamt is finally a tangible, actual, thing. That’s how I feel about H. & Clark. It’s finally a thing. It’s finally here.

    H.& Clark was born out of my desire to create. My husband, Andrew and I were living the good life in Long Beach, CA, when I lost my job in November of 2013. It was a blow, and it completely knocked me on my head. It had me questioning what exactly I wanted to do with my life, where exactly I wanted to be. I spent a few days after feeling discouraged and downright stupid, before I learned it was nothing I had done, and life had just happened. I changed my attitude, reveling in the holidays, enjoying a jobless freedom I hadn’t experienced since I was 13.

    As panic started to set in over the weeks about bills, rent, and what the hell we were going to do, I started to feel this need to do something new, big, to start something. After years spent in decidedly un-creative atmospheres, I felt that I should finally give into that voice in the back of my head that told me to make, design, and create. I was perusing Pinterest, looking at handbags I would never buy, not finding anything I liked, when something clicked. For years, we had half-jokingly talked about Andrew designing for Auburn Leather, his family’s company in Auburn, Kentucky, family-owned since 1863. We had all these grand ideas about leather furniture and home goods, and a whole collection of things. Why couldn’t handbags be part of the collection? The start of the collection? The wheels started turning, and I gathered my thoughts, gave into that nagging voice and started to design. To create. 

    We hopped a plane to Nashville the following week, saw family, toured the city, and drove to Auburn to present my designs. After a few hours, we left with a plan, confident and SO excited that things were going to move forward! Then, of course, things got crazy again when I found out I was pregnant! Then they got even crazier when Andrew was offered a job in July… in Nashville… 40 miles from the leather company, and about 2,000 miles from Long Beach, our home for the last 10 years. So, the first week of August, we packed up our house, our dog, and my 8-month pregnant self, and headed East.

    Flash forward to now, April 2015. We’ve been living in Nashville since August, loving every minute. Our amazing son Holden Maxwell joined the party on September 20th and makes our crazy lives complete on the daily. It’s been a longer, rockier road than we planned, but here we are. H. & Clark, named for Andrews’ mothers’ maiden name, Howlett, the side of the family that owns Auburn Leather, and us, the Clarks, is finally here. Thanks to everyone that waited patiently, and worked diligently alongside us, we wouldn’t be at this point without you.

    Keep checking in with us for some amazing things to come, including new products, pop-up shops and fun collaborations!



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