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  • On Mothering & Working

    Growing up, my mom always worked. She ran a non profit in a local school district. She worked from home mostly, but spent a lot of time actually in the schools, or her tiny closet-sized office at the county health department. She was always there when we left for school, returned from school, and never missed an event. Nevertheless, she worked her butt off everyday, and if you asked her today, I bet she would be as proud of her work accomplishments as she is of her two (perfect, of course) daughters. 
    I found out I was pregnant literally within 2 weeks of designing H. & Clark's first prototype. Along with growing a business, I was now also growing a human. Those first few months were rough. Morning sickness is a mother... And couple that with learning the ins and outs of business-building, it was a doozy. When we moved to Nashville and Holden was born, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would keep working and growing my business and my child. Believe me, two-ish years in, it hasn't always been an easy road... Conference calls were tough with a screaming baby, and hour-long car rides to our leather factory with a potty training toddler can be a crap shoot, literally (hah). But when I go to bed at night, exhausted from the day, I feel accomplished. Proud that my son is growing and thriving, and proud that my business is moving steadily upward. 
    Along with having my mom as an amazing role model, I'm lucky to surround myself with some amazingly strong mom bosses on the regular. Maybe it's not luck though, strong women tend to stick with other strong women. Though it's not always easy, we make it work, powering through rushed meetings in coffee shops, and circling parking lots for car naps and conference calls. We're nurturing our kids and our careers, and it's comforting to know that we're not alone.
    Here's a few of my favorite boss ladies, and their feelings on mothering and working.
    Nicole Delger, Marketing Exec. Mom of June & Roxy
    "I'm wired for work, and I’m wired to be a mom. It can pull at your heart a little sometimes, but I think women are changing the world for the better. I’m proud to show my girls that you can find ways to fulfill the desire to have children without having to completely let go of the life you had before they came along."
    Lena Blackstock, Design Strategist. Mom of Isla & Eames
    "Sometimes I go to work and I miss them so much it hurts my heart. But then my husband sends me pictures and I feel incredibly happy and thankful and excited. This is the beautiful every-day dilemma of being a parent - the constant push and pull between indescribable happiness & fullness and the constant worry & sadness for missing a moment in their lives. The push and pull between wanting to hold them forever and wanting nothing more than for them to grow into strong, curious and independent humans. Le sigh."
    Jenny Luckett, Owner, January Moon. Mom to Shepard & Baby #2 due soon!
    "I love the flexibility of running my own business while raising my son Shepard and soon to be born daughter. I get to spend quality time with Shep and when it’s time to buckle down, I really value and maximize my dedicated work time."
    Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there... Working away from home, working from home, or just working it, on the regular. 
  • Inspired by...

    We're launching some of our small goods in Soft Gray. Inspiration comes from many places. Check out where ours came from, below. 
    favorite shoes
    cloudy days
    kittens (even though i'm allergic)
    bonfire smoke
    misty mornings 
    comfy couches
    cool concrete
    baby duck feathers
    all of the pictures above
  • Local Spring Faves

    Ah Spring. The flowers are blooming. The weather is warming. The pastels (which, full disclosure, I look terrible in) are emerging. I love spring in Nashville, minus the pollen, of course.
    It's coming, I can feel it. Once it was evident that a snow-pocalypse was not going to happen, the weather gods began to grace us with signs. Daffodils in February? Yes please. 65 degree weekends? Even better. I'm ready for it, Claritin in hand, and some of my favorite Nashville locals are prepped and ready for the change of season also.

    Jamie + The Jones

    Gimme all the colors. Seriously. Wearable art is a thing, y'all, and J+J is a prime example. Their silk basics are all day, everyday staples that come in the most beautiful shades. Mist! Sand! Blush! Perfect spring names for perfect spring shades. Oh. And the marble. Don't even get me started. 


    Because what says "Spring" more than plants? All. The. Plants. Flora started as a mobile plant shop, and is now opening their own brick and mortar on the East Side. I seriously can't wait. Not only do these ladies know their greenery, they're the sweetest, kindest gals around. Plus, they totes don't judge every time I've emailed them crying about (another) plant I've killed. 

    What's better than a spring manicure? Seriously, I've been painting my ragged nails in the springiest of colors for weeks now, willing the season to change ASAP. What I need to do is take said ragged nails to Poppy & Monroe for one of these pretty mani's. As Nashville's first natural nail salon, Poppy & Monroe feels that if you're going to treat yourself, you should treat yourself well. Plus, those colors, y'all. All the heart eye emojis. And the spring emojis, of course. 

    Inner light Yoga

    Spring Clean your soul at their brand new studio in 12 South. I don't now about you, but my soul could definitely use some cleansing this time of year. Work the winter out of my bones and center my brain and body. They're Nashville's first music-based yoga studio, and I can't wait to check out their Luminous class and, as they say "chill the F out".

    Spring. It's coming, I'm excited, can you tell?! 




  • Because We Love You.

    If you follow us on Instagram (you should) and Facebook (you should), you'll know that we're offering free shipping for the month of February (use the code LOVE17 at checkout), and have lowered our regular shipping costs. Why? Because we love you.

    You, dear readers/followers/supporters, are the reason we do what we do, the reason we're still here! So, we thank you in the best way we know how... With saving you money. And conveniently, right before Valentines Day. Here's where I would usually say "You're Welcome", but really, truly, I should say "Thank You!" Thank you for getting us to the point that we're at, where we are able to return the favor.

    If we could, we'd send each and every one of you you're very own Valentine's Day card. My family is big on cards. It's not unusual to open the mailbox on any given holiday and find multiple cards addressed to the same person: Two anniversary cards from my parents, one funny, one serious. A highly inappropriate birthday card from my sister, followed by a hand drawn, sweet, sappy one. A few years ago I got not one, but two, Hanukkah cards from my parents dogs. And at my baby shower, guests filled out 18 years of birthday cards for my then-unborn baby. Valentine's Day is the greeting card Mecca. There are SO many good ones out there these days... Funny, sweet, hilarious, inappropriate. Everywhere you turn. So, in honor of my family obsession with cards, here's a few of our favorite VDay cards, paired with some of our H. & Clark goods. 

    For your BFF who complains that she's dated everyone on Tinder in a 50 mile radius. This Card. The Clutch.

    For your husband who never shops for himself and wraps his credit cards in his headphones. This Card. The Card Case.

    For your little sister who drives you nuts but is the best damn aunt in the world. This Card. The Holden Tote.

    For your mom who likes to leave her giant mom-bag in the car but can never find her keys/cards/phone/etc. This Card. The Fold Over.

    Happy February, y'all. We love you!




  • two.


    As of this month, I have two toddlers. My actual child turned two in September, but my “baby”, my company, H. & Clark is two this month. Two is a tricky age, for humans and for businesses. They both have a personality, have just started to come into their own, and they’re both set in their ways just enough to make changes difficult. They both throw tantrums, though lucky for me, only one hits (which we’re working on!). Nurturing a child and a business both take daily effort, support from your tribe, and boatloads of patience (which we’re also working on). Both hit milestones: using the potty, hitting 1,000 followers (equally as important in our house). And both bring me constant pride, joy, and a reason to want to move forward, on the regular.

    Two years in to H. & Clark and we’re still here. Growing, maybe even thriving a little… It’s a definite learning curve, even this far in, and part of me still thinks I don’t know what I’m doing. But I think the sense of unknown is a positive. It helps drive me in raising my kid and my business. I remember being pregnant, and feeling like this was the one time my Type A personality took a back seat. There was only so much I could control, and whatever happened, happened. Yes, it was my responsibility to be healthy and take care of myself, to instill what I believe in my future child, but I truly felt like it was out of my hands, and I had to go with the flow… I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, but knew that it may not go according to my plan, and I was oddly at peace with that. If cloth diapers didn’t work, (they didn’t) we’d find an alternative. If he had a hard time sleeping in his crib, (thankfully he didn’t) we’d find an alternative. Women have babies and raised children everyday, but it was my first time, so I would just let it be. It may not have gone 100% the way we’d imagined at the start, but we’re all still here, we’re all very much alive. 

    I felt the same way with starting H. & Clark. I knew what I wanted it to be, I knew what I could do to shape it, but for some reason, I felt from the beginning that it would end up taking on somewhat a mind of it’s own. And it did. We started with an idea, created a logo, had a starting point, and launched. If our tote didn’t sell, (it did) we’d rework it. If our photos weren’t the aesthetic we wanted, (they weren’t) we’d change them. We leapt, without much of a net, hoped it would turn out the way we wanted, and here we are, two years later, with a new logo, and a simplified website, but that original idea, that seed in my heart is still very much alive. 



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